Femme Forte

What I wish to achieve through creating this website

I hope that through this website ,everyone regardless of their gender realize that they can make a difference.And contribute towards erasing gender stereotypes and build a world where men and women are one and where eveyone has the same starting point .

It would be amazing if people get inspired by this website and fight against any gender discrimination that they experience or see.

I would have felt like i have succeeded in creating a difference if someone shares their story of how they experienced gender inequality and how they fought against it.

My long term goal would be making people aware of how serious gender inequality as an issue is.

My main goal is to change the life of underpriviledged students ( girls especially) by sponsoring their education and helping them build a career.

I plan on creating a donate option after making the website live through which people can contribute towards building a future for girls who wish to study but do not behave the financial support to do so.

I also plan on selling some paintings i made and use the fund towards girls education.