Femme Forte

What does the name "Femme Forte" symbolize?

Femme Forte is the french word for strong women .This phrase is in opposition to the social assumption that women are fragile, weak unlike men who are displayed as macho and strong .The phrase expresses women's strength and their courage .Just like how the saying goes that women are like tea bags ,you never know how strong they are until they get in hot water,Femme Forte signifies the immeasurable strength of a women that can not be seen in her physical appearance but rather in how strong headed, brave , courageous and patient she is in her everyday struggles.

What does the logo symbolize?

The logo for Femme Forte comprises of a fierce eye with heavy make up.People always have the prejudice that only women can wear makeup, so the make up applied eyes is to show gender equity in behaviour, conveying the message that not all women need to wear makeup and the ones who apply makeup doesn't necessarily have to be a woman, and that even boys can be interested in skin care and beautification ,after all , who doesn't want to look good?.The fierce eye symbolizes the strength that woman possess which most people assume that women do not have.The pink eyeshadow shows the conception people have that every girl's favourite color is pink , which is not true.Pink can be liked by men as well ,pink need not be considered feminine and blue man-ish .All these cliche ideas have no logical reasoning behind it , still it is prevalent in peopl's mind.

How was the logo created ?

I found an app on play store called design evolution,so while i scrolled through the already created design for a logo,i thought about everything that i wanted to express through my logo and the logo of the eye seemed to do it.So i edited the logo ,added the name of my website,and chose the borders .Finally, my logo was complete!